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The List of Doom


The past several days have been very busy for our family. We had a small family birthday party for our oldest daughter on Saturday (she turned 15!) which involved a visit to Grandma 45 minutes away. On Monday Mycah had a conference. My little man is cruising through preschool with flying colors and Mrs. H pronounced him ready for kindergarten! Of course, I’ve also been devoting a substantial amount of time to the “Moving On” portion of our family project. I hope to provide an update with photos on Friday. In the mean time…

It dawned on me after reading my favorite bloggers at Young House Love and there recent update of Listy McListerson, the original short list I whipped up when I announced “Project Moving On” was vastly inadequate. So today I will remedy that situation. Brace yourself because I ran screaming from my laptop when I finished it. Any thing crossed off is done and the list is broken down into sections by room.

Living Room

· Post the sofa on Craig’s List and get it sold!

· Post lamp on Craig’s List and get it sold!

· Clean out the big wooden desk, Post it on Craig’s List and get it sold!

· Clean out the bench and sell or donate as much as I can stand

· Replace dog eaten Blind on the front door

· Hang curtains in the living room

· Clean off/out the coffee table & side table, store in attic for future family room

· Take down and put away all photo’s and personal art

· Clean and bring in the white leather sofa

· Clean marble and paint the base of the coffee table on the porch & bring it in

· New Chairs?

· New Rug?

· New console table to replace desk?

· Stage the entertainment center

· Touch up wall paint

Dining Room

· Clear off the window seat

· Purge/pack the contents of the cabinets

· Purge/pack my scrapbook stuff

· Scrub the hardwood floors

· Take down/pack 75% of my art

· New Rug?

· Touch up paint


· Take down awkward cabinet by the fridge

· Paint the kitchen walls

· Paint the cabinets

· Hang Shelves

· Make a window treatment

· Plumbing work

· Cover Hole in the wall from previous plumbing work

· Wall paper and paint ceiling tiles

· Clean all appliances within an inch of there lives

· Clean the pantry area

· Paint the pantry area?

· Hang shelves in the pantry area?

Guest Bathroom

· Lipstick renovation (a.k.a. paint)

· Add a cordless blind

· caulking

· Paint touch up


· Deep Clean

· Purge & Pack

· Repaint the walls

· Sell the Queen Bed

· Restage the basement as a Family Room

Second Floor Hallway & Stairwell

· Deep Clean

· Paint

· Stage with storage

Master Bath

· Deep clean

· Update cabinet hardware

Master Bedroom

· Purge/Pack Closet

· Clean Bedroom

· New Bedding

· Add Mirror Over Vanity

· Take down/Pack art

Girls Bedroom

· Paint the trim and walls

· Take down all art

· Hang Mirrors

· Update light fixture

· Curtains

· Change up the beds/bedding

· Purge/Pack whole room

· Purge/Pack Closet

Mycah/Harper Bedroom

· Purge/Pack Closet

· Window Treatment

· Hang art and shelves


· PURGE!!!! (The stuff that was here before we started packing) Do we really need this junk!

· Move all boxes that were already packed up here for storage until the move

Did you make it to the end? I told you it looked scary! But the good news, did you see how much I got done!!!  Stay tuned!


A Novel Idea


I mentioned it before but it bares repeating, I am a woman with several irons in the proverbial fire. Yesterday I let you in on our big family goal. Today I want to talk about a goal that’s a little more personal. THE number one day dream…my novel.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to tell a story. I was even published in a magazine when I was in grade school. My teachers sent me to conferences for young writers. My stories tended to run on the dark side, even as a kid. This left a certain teacher to “suggest” I needed to see a counselor. That was enough to squash my fragile confidence.

I told myself I could be other things. For a while I wanted to be an oceanographer, but I really just liked Sharks. I’m drawn to mysterious predators. Then I thought I could be a history teacher or better yet an english teacher. That didn’t feel right either. I went to vocational school to be a massage therapist. I was good at it and aced my classes, but even my teacher said that I’m smart enough to make it but I’d be board in a year. Guess what I don’t do now?

In my heart I’m a writer. Fast forward to my late 20’s. This idea for a paranormal romance novel just stuck in my head. It became an obsession. It hasn’t been easy. There have been many false starts, and my first draft has been lost to a crashed computer, not once, but twice. At least after the first time I start printing as I went.

Then I hit my stride thanks to another book. “First Draft In 30 Days” By Karen Wiesner saved my novel. I believe in resources and this is a great one. It gave me a template on how to work efficiently to get it out of my head and onto a page. I didn’t do everything she suggested, the way she suggested. I used it as a model and did what felt right. Really with any good how-to source I feel that’s an excellent strategy. After all, no two projects or people are a like.

It took me 2 months but in the end I finally had an outline. The single most genius piece of knowledge I gleaned from that book is why you should love an outline. It’s this simple. The blank page. Because of my outline, I never had to face it. I had a road map to tell me what should happen next and my imagination just had to paint the picture. Brilliant!

Then the accident happened. I spent 3 months on my back, at home. No going to work for me. I was bored out of my mind! Thank goodness I had an outline waiting for me. A couple of days before I went back to work I finished it. The first draft of the first novel I had ever written and I did it before I turned 30!

Confession time…One year, a baby and closing on 31, where is my first draft? Sitting on my hard drive and in a binder. That’s right, I gave birth twice in a year to a book then a baby and only the baby has shown growth. Sad, I know.

I do have something I didn’t have when I started my first draft. My confidence came back. I can’t put a price on that. And you know what’s really cool? I have ideas for future novels! So I’m giving my self a kick in the pants to take this the distance. I’ll keep you up to date as I edit and rewrite my second draft. Fingers crossed I’ll be published before I’m 32.

Project Moving On & Moving Up!


Yesterday I gave you a peek into my busy life and teased you with the promise of our big family goal. Well here it is…

We are going to sell our house and buy a new one in a different neighborhood.

My husband and I loved our house from the second we walked in. Yes, it fit our family, but more importantly it felt like us. We’ve even put in some serious work to make us love it more. Our home is over 100 years old and I believe it’s called an American four square style. I have 3 bedrooms, a partially finished basement and two bathrooms (rare for this neighborhood). Why give it up, right?

Our Home

To understand the answer you need to know a little back ground. We bought our
house on contract in 2010. In August of 2011 I was in an auto accident that
shattered my ankle. I walk okay now, but it was a long, slow recovery with
complications and set backs. There are a lot of stairs in my house. This meant I
spent three months sleeping in my living room and other wise living in my living
room. Then when I was able to finally get up my stairs and trade the walker for
a cane, we got pregnant with our little princess baby. I no longer need the cane
but we’ve out grown this house and the stairs are not my friend.

Now our contract is up and we either need to buy our house with a traditional mortgage or sell it and move on. I’ve started phase one of the goal, prepping the house. As promised yesterday, I’ve made a list.
  • Purge the house
  • Deep clean the house
  • Finish any DIY projects
  • Stage the house
This doesn’t sound like much but this has to happen in the living room, dining room, screened in porch, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the attic and the basement. Did I mention I live in a house full of pack rats? I bet that list looks a lot more foreboding. But I’m an optimist. I’ve set my self a deadline of April 1. I know this is sounds like a joke, but I’m not fooling around. I’ll keep you posted on the list and it’s progress. Fingers crossed we’ll make it!

Irons In The Fire


I have never been one for lists but I am seriously considering giving it a try. As with any large family we have a lot going on right now and one really big goal. I’ll fill you in on the goal tomorrow but for now I’ll tell you it’s home related. Maybe we’ll tie it into a list! You’re just itching for details, I know.

But that isn’t the only iron I have on the back burner. Mycah’s last conference of preschool is next week, I’m in the editing phase of my first novel, life’s not worth living without a good book, two of our five kids are teenage girls with schedules of their own and February begins birthday season for our large family. My dad turned 51 February 4th (happy belated birthday Grandpa Mike) and next week our oldest girl (to save her embarrassment, I’ll call her S until she tells me otherwise) turns 15! As if I don’t have enough to do, I am also challenging myself to start this blog.

Pretty sure I left something out but when I remember I’ll let you know. After all, you get to see how I survive and succeed at running this gauntlet. Let the fun begin!