Irons In The Fire


I have never been one for lists but I am seriously considering giving it a try. As with any large family we have a lot going on right now and one really big goal. I’ll fill you in on the goal tomorrow but for now I’ll tell you it’s home related. Maybe we’ll tie it into a list! You’re just itching for details, I know.

But that isn’t the only iron I have on the back burner. Mycah’s last conference of preschool is next week, I’m in the editing phase of my first novel, life’s not worth living without a good book, two of our five kids are teenage girls with schedules of their own and February begins birthday season for our large family. My dad turned 51 February 4th (happy belated birthday Grandpa Mike) and next week our oldest girl (to save her embarrassment, I’ll call her S until she tells me otherwise) turns 15! As if I don’t have enough to do, I am also challenging myself to start this blog.

Pretty sure I left something out but when I remember I’ll let you know. After all, you get to see how I survive and succeed at running this gauntlet. Let the fun begin!

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