No More Shame


As promised I’m here with a Friday update on my progress with The List of Doom. This week I tackled the living room. While I didn’t complete that portion of the list, I did several small things that provided a big visual impact.

Before I show you my before picture let me warn you. I made several bad furniture decisions. (Hangs head in shame) I’m aware and I am making baby steps to fix it. With my love of DIY interior design I can offer no excuses for how I went so horribly wrong. Also, I am aware that I need to find my local chapter of Clutterers Anonymous. With that being said…


Living Room Before Shot

I told you it was sad. But Improvements!! I have made them! Lets consult the list shall we? I’ve crossed out a couple new items and I’ve added some comments to the items we completed.

Living Room

· Post the sofa on Craig’s List and get it sold! Sold for $50 after 2 weeks & picked up today.

· Post lamp on Craig’s List and get it sold! Posted it tonight, just not sold yet.

· Clean out the big wooden desk, Post it on Craig’s List and get it sold!

· Clean out the bench and sell or donate as much as I can stand

· Replace dog eaten Blind on the front door You’ll see this in the after picture. So Good!

· Hang curtains in the living room I have half of them hung but wow!

· Clean off/out the coffee table & side table, store in attic for future family room

· Take down and put away all photo’s and personal art

· Clean and bring in the white leather sofa Thank you hubby (He handled this while I was at work)

· Clean marble and paint the base of the coffee table on the porch & bring it in

· New Chairs?

· New Rug?

· New console table to replace desk?

· Stage the entertainment center

· Touch up wall paint


After photo! Living Room

That Navy really pops on the green walls right? Now here’s the cool thing…These curtains are $5 flat sheets from Wal-Mart and I hung them with 2 sets of $6 curtain ring clips. That’s $11 per panel and $22 per window! I will admit to splurging on the blind on my dog eaten roman shade for the front door. $37 from Lowes, but even my very picky hubby was impressed. Here’s the before and after so that you can truly appreciate the difference.

Dog Eaten Door ShadeBetter Navy Door Shade

Like I said big difference. Well that’s it tonight…or rather this morning since I just noticed it is past midnight and technically Saturday morning. So I guess I’m 20 minutes late of this post huh?


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