Small Victories!


In the immortal words of Clueless, “not a total Betty but a vast improvement.” That’s right the girls and I have knocked a chunk off The List. While it’s only a small portion of The List, I’m far enough behind schedule, thanks to my sickness enforced weekend off, that I’m celebrating the small victories.


Let’s recap just what this section of the list looked like shall we.

Girl’s Bedroom

· Paint the trim and walls

· Take down all art

· Hang Mirrors

· Update light fixture

· Curtains

· Change up the beds/bedding

· Purge/Pack whole room

· Purge/Pack Closet

The first step in this project was the paint and let me tell you, it was the biggest impact. The girls and I attacked it as a team. While I was at work the girls prepped the space and started purging. When I got home we started with the trim. Right away we had a hiccup. The room had brown painted trim and doors which I had intended to prime before I painted white. When I opened the primer, it was the consistency of cottage cheese. No amount of stirring would save it so we moved on.

DSCN0556 DSCN0568 DSCN0569

The trim and doors took far longer than the walls did. However, I would say they had the biggest pay off. I spent hours crawling along the floor, painting. The girls helped but I soon discovered I worked faster down low, while my tallest step daughter, who stands nearly 4 inches taller than me, took the window trim and door trim. I did the doors while everyone had lunch. Three coats later, we were finally ready to start the walls.


We worked together and divided the work. I used my handy Shureline edger and made my way around the room while my younger daughter painted low and my older daughter painted high. Then while 2 of us attacked the second coat, my older and (as I mentioned) taller daughter used the edger to paint up next to the ceiling. Some how we managed to finish and put the beds back together just before midnight.

Right now you’re thinking “you let them sleep in those paint fumes!” Rest assured I thought of that. Because we had to keep living in the space and it’s still to cold to air out the room, we opted for Olympic brand No VOC paint in eggshell. I have to say I am very pleased and the girls commented that it was the least smelly paint they’ve ever sniffed. I couldn’t bring myself to do white walls with the crisp white trim. So for color the girls and I chose “Silver Feather” for our white trim and “Silver Sand” which is a nice warm grey with a slight pink undertone to it. Both colors are by Olympic which is available at Lowes.

Next came the light fixture update, much to the girls relief. They have hated this green thing forever and it just didn’t fit in with our pretty walls.



It had good bones but needed some TLC. I hit up the lighting department at Lowes and came home with a few things, including new glass globes at $4 each and a new pull chain, also for $4. So for a grand total of $16…


Isn’t it amazing how much better it is? If I had purchased a new one I would have spent $30 or $40 easy and it’s neutral to fit in with anyone’s decor.

The bedding and the curtains happened today. I did a little hunting and I found some old curtains I was no longer using. I’m not 100% sold on these curtains. I may end up at the store on grocery day buying plain white panels. You’ll see why in a minute. In the mean time, I hung them on tension rods inside the window frame. I couldn’t stand to cover up the beautiful trim work. For me it was a selling point of our home. I’m hoping buyers will agree with me.

I did a lot of scouting for this bedding. I wanted 2 matching comforters and one of the girls hates flowers.  I finally settled on a aqua, yellow and grey chevron from Target’s room essentials line. I ended up having to go to both Targets in town to get them but the girls were so happy with my choice that it’s worth it. Having the matching bedding really helps the room to look less cluttered.

DSCN0593 DSCN0595

The bedding looks great with the ombre dressers that me and the girls painted several months ago but not so great with the curtains. What do you think? White curtains, black or yellow? I’m leaning towards white since it’s only until we sell.

Other than the curtains I am so pleased. It’s not a highly decorated room. I’m not putting in that kind of effort until we are in the new home. Then lookout because the girls and I have been squirreling away some great things for the “Teen Room” as I’ve started to call it.  For our purposes here we were just going for cleaned up and uncluttered kid room. I knew I achieved that when one of the girls made the comment “some one finally let in the light.”

Have you every painted a room and instantly felt lighter? Have you recently done any small updates that had a big impact? If so tell me about it!


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