God Laughs…


You know that saying “Men plan and God laughs”? That’s about how it’s going for us right now. Sorry it took so long to put out the update on project Moving on and Moving Up. The skinny is we are definitely “moving on”. This actually went in our favor. We were buying our house on contract and thought the only way to get out of it was to sell it. The contract has run it’s course so we called the Seller that we pay out mortgage to. Turns out he is willing to release us from the contract and he is going to sell the house himself. Awesome, right? I’m pretty happy about it.

No we have to “move up”. We always assumed that we’d take our $20,000 down payment and get a mortgage on a house. We paid off my car, paid off all the credit cards and all but one of the personal loans. Last weekend on St. Patrick’s day we put in an offer contingent on financing and I spent my monday in pursuit of a mortgage. First they turned down our offer on the house, then the broker told us, after all we did, our credit scores were still to low. It was suggested we wait a year. Well folks, I don’t have to tell you, I don’t have a year.

My husband always accuses me of being too optimistic. So, true to form, I’ve found the silver lining and started working on the new plan, “Moving Up 2.0”, if you will. This is an opportunity to downsize and spend the next year saving for an even larger down payment! This week we’ve been listing our large furniture pieces on Craigslist. We’ve got at least one sold. Still waiting on the others. We’ve looked at a few rentals but we’ve finally settled on a 3 bedroom townhouse. I’m happy it’s a corner unit and the kids are happy there’s a pool. I’ll be back tomorrow (at least that’s the plan) with the new “to do” list. Now I’m off to go day dream!


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