Benefits of a Good Romance


I have more than a little stress in my life right now since we are currently packing for our big move to the new townhouse on April 12th. We are also packing up my day job since we are relocating to a new building the following week on the 17th. I’ve been told I’m a glutten for punishment. It can be a lot of pressure experiencing that much change.

In times like these I’ve learned the benefits of a good romance. Lucky for me, on Tuesday, March 26th, a couple of great ones were released. I picked up the latest Shelly Laurenston romance, Wolf With Benefits. It’s the 8th book in the pride series and it certainly delivers what I’ve come to expect. A crazy mix of shape shifters, sports, but more specifically hockey, a crime, and an unusual couple. It’s as strange as it sounds, but it always comes together and just flat-out works.

Wolf with Benefits (Pride, #8)

This installment of the series centered around Ricky Lee, one of the infamous Reed boys of the New York Smith wolf pack, and Antonella “Toni” Jean-Louis Parker, jackal shifter and the only one who can manage her ten child prodigy siblings. Ricky Lee is looking to avoid the females of his pack because an ex-girlfriend from Tennessee comes to town and they all decide to be sorry for him, when he runs into Toni. She’s reluctantly trying to build a life that doesn’t revolve around her siblings schedules. Humor and adventure quickly ensue.

Due to the skills she learned wrangling her siblings, she gets a dream job managing the travel arrangements for the shifter only professional hockey team, the Carnivores. She soon finds herself traveling to Russia to negotiate a game deal with a Russian bear team with Ricky as her security.

While they’re busy in Russia finding love, her family and friends are busy finding trouble. As you might expect from this series, many of the couples who came together in previous books (including the Magnus Pack series) make appearances that ranged from brief cameos to integral part of the story. If you’re a fan of the series you might remember Bo Novikov and Blayne Thorpe. His lovable OCD tendencies fit right in with the Jean-Louis Parker kids.

When Toni and Ricky Lee return from Russia they find one of the younger children, Freddie, is in danger from his sociopathic older sister Deliliah, who has joined a cult. With a little outside support from the security company and a few others, Toni and Ricky Lee set things right.

Two newer characters that I enjoyed were Olivia “Livy” Kowalski and Vic Barinov. We meet him in Russia as part of the security team and he follows the happy couple home from Russia to help with the trouble. Livy is Toni’s best friend. A lot of time is spent just guessing what kind of shifter she is.

In several of Shelly Laurenston’s books she drops hints about who might be next to get the relationship focus. I’m fairly certain Livy is next. What I’m not so sure about is who she might be getting together with. For a while I thought Reese Reed might be the one. He spent most of the book fascinated with her and her scent, or rather what type of shifter her scent identified her as. Bet then Vic came on the scene. Now I’m just not sure. Guess I’ll be finding out this time next year! And let me tell you I can’t wait!

Shelly Laurenston never fails to make me laugh out loud. While that’s not what I look for all the time in a novel, when I’m under this much stress it’s just what the doctor ordered. If you’ve never read one of her books and need a pick me up, I highly recommend them. They’re fun and just a little unexpected. Can’t wait to work in some more reading time while I pack, so back to the grind stone. How are you all re-leaving stress? Read any good romances lately?

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