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The Bright Side


Moving sucks!!! Ok now that I have that my system I can focus on the bright side of moving. You didn’t know there was a bright side? One could argue there are several but I think they all just boil down to one. It’s a fresh start and who doesn’t love that. I have a golden opportunity and a really great excuse to clear out the junk and make big changes. And I love it!

My family has been cleaning, sorting, purging and packing. The rule of the house right now is “we are not moving junk!” Since this odyssey started we’ve been selling large items on Craigslist, taking smaller items to the consignment store and making daily trips to goodwill. Anything broken is trash but we are making every effort to keep stuff out of the land fill. Afterall, my junk could be someone’s treasure.

This makes way for a major upgrade! Whenever we move, my husband gives me license to redecorate (within reason). I can’t wait until it all comes together. Right now it’s just a vision in my head. Since I need a little break from the mountain of boxes, I thought I’d give you a little window into my head.

I’ve been spending a lot of time surfing other blogs for inspiration and I’ve been finding great stuff. One such inspiration came from Honey & Fitz. A recent post of that site featured the new Jonathan Adler line from JC Penny, Happy Chic. I love his bold and colorful take on mid-century modern. Here are some of the things that may find their way into our new home.

Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Elizabeth Greek Key Pillow    Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Elizabeth Greek Key Lamp Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler Elizabeth Shower Curtain

Can you tell I’m really digging navy blue and greek key? I’ve actually decided on a color scheme for the living room of navy blue, red and shades of grey. In fact I even bought a rug today. After stalking it on several web sites it finally went of sale and I got one sweet deal. How does 80% off and free shipping grab you? Yeah, it had me doing a happy dance too. Can you believe I paid a $163 for an 8 foot by 11 foot rug! Check out this beauty from Rugs USA

My new living room Rug!!! I got it in 8'3" x 11' at 80% off!!!!!!

It’s bold, I know. Trust me when I sat I am planning some solids to anchor all of this hotness. My living room isn’t the only room I’m fixated on. Target has some great stuff that I totally plan to make room for. The Nate Berkus line for Target has some good stuff.

Nate Berkus™  Nepal Chevron Comforter - Blue

Nate Berkus™ Aztec Diamond Bath Rug

That’s just the beginning of what’s going on in my head. Does anyone else suffer from this moving optimism? I promise as I unpack and bring rooms together I’ll be sure to share photos! The packing drill sargent is calling. Guess break time is over!

P.S. – None of the sites, stores or products that I referenced in this blog are paying me for this love fest. I just really love this stuff and it’s all my own opinions.