Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Dream…


I had this great post planned for day 1. Unfortunately I had another project (and some other things) take a full day longer than planned. As it turns out it is related to another dream I have. We bought this great house and from the day we put in the offer I started day dreaming about taking down plaid wall paper. We moved in we settled into life but I didn’t forget. Everyday that wall paper haunted my dreams and challenged me. Then Mom dropped the bomb. Thanksgiving is at my new house this year. So I did it.


I day dreamed about doing a project all day while I was at work. When I got home Saturday, I pulled out the ladder and went to town. Two hours later it was all down and it dawned on me that I needed to paint. It’s a big kitchen. Three days later I’m done and now I’m relaxing. So while this isn’t exactly about dreaming I at least didn’t start the challenge by missing the first day!

So stay tuned…Tomorrow I promise you a better post. Tomorrow I’ll explain what happened in my life that made me start dabbling in my day dreams. Anyway now you know, this blog is about writing but it’s about other stuff too, because that’s life. If you stopped by from the Nesting Place, thanks for coming! I hope you comeback for more.

(P.S. I’m in Iowa, day one isn’t over. I’m on central time!)


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