The Dream Equation


This will be a short post today, because size doesn’t matter. I want to give you something to ponder. Almost 2 years ago I sat in my church and heard a sermon that truly resonated with me on multiple levels. In a nutshell, Reverend Tom advised us not to focus on making big changes, he called it a big “C”. Those can be overwhelming, instead think smaller. Make the little “c”. When you’ve got that under control, make another little “c”. After a while you might find that those little “c”s added up to one big “C”.

So today I ask you, what little “d” you can start with? What little “d” can you follow-up with? Does that add up for you to a big “D”?

Little “d” + Little “d” = Big “D” – Because little dreams are just as important as big dreams.

Real life example: We came up with a down-payment for a house + we got a mortgage approval for a house = We bought a house!

What’s your dream equation? Please leave a comment and share yours!

If you’re new to this blog, welcome! If you checked me out from my link on the Nesting Place, I really appreciate your visit! Please comment, I would love the feedback.

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