Dreaming of a Good Book? Week 2


It’s Friday, so you know what that means? Weekend reading time! If you missed last weeks suggestion you can check it out here. This week, the suggested book, came off my own bookshelf and once again, loosely abides by this month’s theme of dreams.

I don’t know about everyone else but, when I know I have a weekend loaded with things to accomplish, I find it easier to pick a book I’ve already read. So this weekend I plan on re-reading The Demon Lover (Fairwick Chronicles #1), by Juliet Dark.

I discovered this series while on a shopping at Target (favorite place to shop) with my husband. As I went to go extract him from the video game department, the cover of the second book of this series, Water Witch, caught my eye. It wasn’t until I got it home, that I realized I needed to hunt down the first book, nothing that a quick trip to Barnes and Noble couldn’t fix.

This series follows college professor Callie Mcfay, a specialist in gothic literature, as she finds herself drawn in by a demon lover who haunts her dreams. She didn’t plan on taking the teaching position in Fairwick, NY and she didn’t plan on buying the Victorian house she found there. When she follows her instincts and her dreams, her life takes an unexpected new direction. Especially when she discovers fairies, witches and incubi are real. I won’t analyze it here and spoil it for you, but I found it to be a fun read.

Have you read any dream related books lately? Anything you’d like to recommend? Leave a comment and fill us all in. If you’re new to this blog, welcome! If you checked me out from my link on the Nesting Place, I really appreciate your visit! Please comment, I would love the feedback.

Happy reading everyone!


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