Dreams in Progress


I promised on Thursday that I would focus on some of my other dreams. So here it is. Things I dream about that aren’t related to my writing…

Renovating my kitchen! While I was recovering from my broken ankle and the 2 surgeries it required, I did a lot of day dreaming. I’d churn out my writing goal for the day and then crack open a decorating magazine. I had yet to discover blogs. I soothed myself with promises of my someday kitchen, I mapped out my dream kitchen layout, my favorite countertops and hardware color. Needless to say I irritated my husband greatly and my friends kept supplying me with magazines. Two years later, I’ve got a whole Pinterest board devoted to this topic.

Just like anything else I do, I’ve mapped out some goals for myself. After all, a dream kitchen takes money and time. I found the kitchen of my dreams when I bought my house, it just needs some updates. I’m currently working on, what I affectionately call, phase 1. I ripped down the wall paper, painted the walls, I’m ordering new light fixtures today and I’ll be replacing the cabinet hardware soon. I also plan on re-staining my dining table and benches. The goal is to have this phase completed by Thanksgiving since I will be hosting it for my extended family this year. This is a first for me, so naturally I’m panicking. Of course, I’ll be sure to put all the gory details on the blog next month.

Phase 2 is the phase that will cost the most, that’s where I finally get new counter tops. I’ve always pictured white quartz counters with dark cabinets but the other day at Lowes, I saw a white granite with black and gray speckles that made me swoon, so we’ll see. I also want to stain my cabinets a darker color, I don’t want to replace them because I actually think the kitchen was well laid out and I like the ones I have, just not the color (the wood tone is almost orange and the lower cabinets are faded). I’ll cap this phase off with a new sink and faucet. I estimate this phase will cost around $5000. The goal date for that is 1 year, around tax season. The final phase will be new flooring. We’re waiting to do this because we are planning on doing our living room, hallway and kitchen all at once in 3 years (right before we have our oldest daughter’s graduation party).

Now that I’ve spent more time then I intended on my kitchen dreams, I’ll more briefly tell you about some of my other dreams. Traveling, we haven’t been on vacation in almost 5 years. Money was tight and it just wasn’t a priority. My husband and I agree about this dream.  The Bahamas are great for some people but we’ve often discussed taking a Mediterranean cruise or traveling through England, Ireland and Scotland. I’ve also always wanted to visit Germany and the Czech Republic. Those Viking River Cruises through Europe sound nice. I also dream of having an income closer to my husband’s. I believe furthering my education and turning my passion for writing into a career will help me achieve that.

My most important dream isn’t for me. It’s for my children. I want all my children to be happy and chase their own dreams instead of just trying to fit in. I love to guess who they will grow up to be based on the talents I see immerging and there interests, but I try really hard not to push that on them.

That was kind of lot. But then, I’m a dreamer and I proud of that. If you’re new to this blog, welcome! If you checked me out from my link on the Nesting Place, I really appreciate your visit! Please comment, I would love the feedback.

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