Now What? Taking Your Dream The Next Step


Have you ever made it to what you believed was the “finish line” on achieving your dream? You’re understandably excited, after all you made it. But you’ve worked for it for so long, it feels like, now what? I’ve now had that experience 3 times in my adult life. When I finished writing my first draft, when I gave birth to my second child, and when we bought our house.

When we bought our home it wasn’t just my dream, I shared it with my husband. I looked at the big picture and knew this wasn’t the end of this dreams possibilities. My husband didn’t have the same reaction. He saw 30 years of just trying to maintain what we have. This was a problem for him, because the one thing we have never disagreed on in 10 years, is that even if you have to take a step back, we will always work to improve our lives, we will always keep climbing. For him once we bought the house we couldn’t achieve anymore.

So I asked him, why did we want to buy a house? We both agreed we wanted to build a home base for our children, someplace for them to come back to and remember. We wanted the sense of security that home provides. After much discussion we came up with the new dream. Paying it off early, putting our stamp on it and building family memories that will draw our kids back home to us.

If you think about it, there is always a way to take your dream a step further. There is another step. I would also suggest that if you think about the next step before you reach the finish line, you can lay the ground work for your future success.

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