Dreaming of Mommy Moments


Today my kids reminded me, they are the best dream I ever had. I had plans to finish this post sooner and prep for writers group tomorrow night, but my kids decided tonight they wanted my undivided attention. After bath time my son and I cuddled on the sofa and went through his sight word flash cards. It made my heart smile to listen to him sound out words and his excitement when he figured each word out. Then, my normally sleeping angel, decided she didn’t want to sleep tonight. I just spent 2 hours soothing my teething baby. Her big brown eyes melted my heart. I finally got her asleep and in her crib. While a crying baby wasn’t my dream, the way she holds onto me, needs me, her little voice softly calling me mama; that’s what I dreamed of. 

I know the last 2 days have not been riveting reading. But in the spirit of the challenge, I’m here. Thanks for hanging in there.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome! If you checked me out from my link on the Nesting Place, I really appreciate your visit! Please comment, I would love the feedback.


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