Documenting Dreams


My husband and I went to the Welterweight Semi-finals of Bellator last night and it was awesome! I had my camera out and took pictures of everything; fighter interviews, the ring, the official decision, the Bellator girls, I got it all and it was great. I think it goes without saying that I’m a big fan of mix martial arts fighting.  Last night was the first time something that big has ever come to my city and I was not letting that opportunity pass me by without documenting that I was there.

Just so you know this habit irritates my husband. And I say habit because I do this a lot. When we bought our house I had my camera out and I made one of our older daughters take pictures of us signing all the closing paperwork. When I do a project in our house I take before pictures, progress shots and after pictures.

I could see the issue if those photos stayed in the camera and never saw the light of day, but I have another hobby (yes I have many of them). I scrapbook. Irritated though he may be with the time it takes, the photos that I take, and the space the supplies take up; he has always appreciated the results.

I do it for a very important reason, it’s easier to appreciate where you are when you can look back at how far you’ve come and how hard you had to work to get it. Every dream we live, I want my kids to look back at when I’m gone and say, “wow, Mom and Dad did all that for us.” So document your dreams. Go ahead; if scrapbooking isn’t for you, start a photo album, make a photo book at one of the many online services, or write a journal if you don’t have any pictures. You may feel silly at the time, but you’ll thank your self later.

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