Little Dream Factories


Today is a good day, I get to spend extra time with my kids. My favorite part about having kids? They’re little dream factories. When you’re about to bring a child into the world you dream about how your life will change, who will they look more like, it goes on and on. As they grow up, you watch them dream up ways to play and beautiful works of art that cover the fridge. They inspire you to dream and do more to give them a better life. I often find myself dreaming of who they will become, just based on their little personality. My daughter it’s to soon to tell, but my son…he’s either going to be a rock star or an architect. It could really go either way.

My older girls are dreaming about new frontiers, first love, driving, college. Our middle girl has her career as a doctor all planned out and nothing is getting in her way. That is one driven young lady! We have 5 dream factories in our house. I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities.

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