Dreaming of an Answer


I’ve been having a lot of writing epiphanies this week. Using the skill more will do that to you. Today I realized a scene was missing from my first novel that I need to insert into the second draft. I know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I was avoiding it. I think I knew it had to happen I just didn’t know the logistics, still don’t. So I need a brainstorm session. I will purposely go to bed thinking about this and visualizing it like a TV show in my head. Maybe my subconscious mind will dream me up the answer. A girl can hope anyway.

Are you ready for it? Riddle me this…how do you steal a body from the morgue before they do the autopsy? There are limitations. You’re stealing it during the day when it might be busy but you can’t go out in the sun and neither can the body. The part I know is that it would involve a big distraction and you would likely hide in the building until dark. What kind of distraction would clear out the morgue? I feel the need to watch episodes of Dr. G on the Discovery Health Network. God bless reality TV when you need information.

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