2011 Dreaming of Robots


Yesterday I missed a post. I went on a kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch with my son at school and was so exhausted afterword that I fell a sleep on the sofa. No one had the heart to wake me. So that was that. I’m sorry.

Now lets talk about something fun! October 2011 I wasn’t walking. In fact I was hooked up to a wound vac, I hopped around on one foot with a walker and spent the rest of my day on my back with my leg in the air. Mycah was 3 going on 4 and I was determined to make his costume just like I had the year before. My little man was dreaming about being a robot.

IMG_1894 IMG_1895

So I made a list and sent my husband shopping. I needed 2 boxes, tin foil, spray adhesive, silver duct tape, hot glue and some old sour cream tubs. Pay no attention to the medical equipment in the background. In the large box I cut a hole for his head and 2 smaller holes for his arms. Then I covered the entire thing with tin foil. With the smaller box I cut openings on 3 sides covered that with tin foil and used duct tape to attach it over the hole for his head (like a helmet). Then I painted some tubs and bottle caps and glued them to the front of the box for dials. The finished product…

IMG_1942 IMG_1943

See the antenna? The last-minute I duct taped a broken mechanical pencil to the top of his helmet box. Needless to say my little guy was super happy and warm. There were some comical moments (picture Ralphie’s brother in a Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down!”). Grandma came over and, bless her heart, pushed my wheelchair around the neighborhood so that I wasn’t left out of the frightnight festivities.

IMG_1944 IMG_1945

So thanks for hanging in there. Tomorrow we’ll check out another costume of Halloween past so stay tuned. If you’re new to this blog, welcome! If you checked me out from my link on the Nesting Place, I really appreciate your visit! Please comment, I would love the feedback.

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