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Dreaming of an Answer


I’ve been having a lot of writing epiphanies this week. Using the skill more will do that to you. Today I realized a scene was missing from my first novel that I need to insert into the second draft. I know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I was avoiding it. I think I knew it had to happen I just didn’t know the logistics, still don’t. So I need a brainstorm session. I will purposely go to bed thinking about this and visualizing it like a TV show in my head. Maybe my subconscious mind will dream me up the answer. A girl can hope anyway.

Are you ready for it? Riddle me this…how do you steal a body from the morgue before they do the autopsy? There are limitations. You’re stealing it during the day when it might be busy but you can’t go out in the sun and neither can the body. The part I know is that it would involve a big distraction and you would likely hide in the building until dark. What kind of distraction would clear out the morgue? I feel the need to watch episodes of Dr. G on the Discovery Health Network. God bless reality TV when you need information.

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Dreaming Up Goals


You might think that having the realization that I need to chase my dreams, would be enough to keep me on that path. It was certainly enough to push me into action. Life, however, is full of distractions. My kids needed my attention, the bills needed to be paid, and house work needed to be done. What I needed was something to bring my focus back after I took care of the responsibilities of life. I needed goals.

When I wrote the first draft of my novel I had 2 goals. Finish writing a novel before I’m 30. Then when I realized I had 3 months off to recover from my accident, I wanted to finish it before I went back to work. It’s not like I could run away from my laptop, since I couldn’t walk. That was all I needed to get it done. Two year letter my novel is sitting on a shelf. I need to set new goals and I don’t want another accident to make me get things done.

Yesterday, I shared that I plan to begin submitting my 2nd draft to the writers group I joined, for critique. I have 2 new goals to carry me through to the next phase of this dream. The first goal is to have the 2nd draft finished before I turn 32 at the end of March. That gives me a bit of a buffer but would require me to submit 6000 words twice a month. The second new goal is to have the final draft and query letter ready for submissions by June 1st. That way I can spend my summer submitting for publication while I’m writing a new first draft, because there will be more. They’ve been percolating in my brain for the last 2 years. It also keeps me from shelving the 2nd draft for 2 more years.

For clarification, writing isn’t my only dream. I’ve said it before but I feel that it bears repeating. Unintentionally, my dream of being a writer has hijacked my blog. In the spirit of keeping it real, I have other dreams with goals and deadlines attached. Just for variety, I’ll share those with you Saturday. Tomorrow, come back and we’ll talk about more weekend reading recommendations!

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Making a Dream Happen – Editing My First Novel


I posted A Novel Idea back in February, about how I finally found the courage to push through and write that 1st Novel. I also said in that post that I was going to get in gear on editing it for the next draft. Confession time; I still haven’t edited it.

In my defense, we moved twice in a 4 month period and I worked 65 hour weeks through the summer. I know, I know…here I am suggesting others should follow their dreams and I didn’t follow through. Well I found some motivation folks! I joined a writer’s group. The Noble Pen meets in my home town on a weekly basis and they have an open invitation to the group. Starting in November I am pushing myself to submit 6,000 words of my 2nd draft, every other week (or as close to it as I can) until I finish that draft. My hope is that having a deadline (voluntarily) handed out by a group of people who are expecting to review my work, will be just the drive I need.

This blog challenge, so far has taught me that I do have the discipline to sit down and write something every day, and it’s only 9 days in. If I can do that, I can deliver work to a group of people for feedback. I’ve only ever shown my novel to one person. She says great things about it and as she is a writer as well. I trust her to tell me the truth without any sugar-coating. Putting my work in front of a group of strangers for the first time, that’s a new level of stress for me. One I am looking forward to, because I know it will put me another step closer to my dream of being published!

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A Novel Idea


I mentioned it before but it bares repeating, I am a woman with several irons in the proverbial fire. Yesterday I let you in on our big family goal. Today I want to talk about a goal that’s a little more personal. THE number one day dream…my novel.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was old enough to tell a story. I was even published in a magazine when I was in grade school. My teachers sent me to conferences for young writers. My stories tended to run on the dark side, even as a kid. This left a certain teacher to “suggest” I needed to see a counselor. That was enough to squash my fragile confidence.

I told myself I could be other things. For a while I wanted to be an oceanographer, but I really just liked Sharks. I’m drawn to mysterious predators. Then I thought I could be a history teacher or better yet an english teacher. That didn’t feel right either. I went to vocational school to be a massage therapist. I was good at it and aced my classes, but even my teacher said that I’m smart enough to make it but I’d be board in a year. Guess what I don’t do now?

In my heart I’m a writer. Fast forward to my late 20’s. This idea for a paranormal romance novel just stuck in my head. It became an obsession. It hasn’t been easy. There have been many false starts, and my first draft has been lost to a crashed computer, not once, but twice. At least after the first time I start printing as I went.

Then I hit my stride thanks to another book. “First Draft In 30 Days” By Karen Wiesner saved my novel. I believe in resources and this is a great one. It gave me a template on how to work efficiently to get it out of my head and onto a page. I didn’t do everything she suggested, the way she suggested. I used it as a model and did what felt right. Really with any good how-to source I feel that’s an excellent strategy. After all, no two projects or people are a like.

It took me 2 months but in the end I finally had an outline. The single most genius piece of knowledge I gleaned from that book is why you should love an outline. It’s this simple. The blank page. Because of my outline, I never had to face it. I had a road map to tell me what should happen next and my imagination just had to paint the picture. Brilliant!

Then the accident happened. I spent 3 months on my back, at home. No going to work for me. I was bored out of my mind! Thank goodness I had an outline waiting for me. A couple of days before I went back to work I finished it. The first draft of the first novel I had ever written and I did it before I turned 30!

Confession time…One year, a baby and closing on 31, where is my first draft? Sitting on my hard drive and in a binder. That’s right, I gave birth twice in a year to a book then a baby and only the baby has shown growth. Sad, I know.

I do have something I didn’t have when I started my first draft. My confidence came back. I can’t put a price on that. And you know what’s really cool? I have ideas for future novels! So I’m giving my self a kick in the pants to take this the distance. I’ll keep you up to date as I edit and rewrite my second draft. Fingers crossed I’ll be published before I’m 32.